Private Classes

Each private class is designed to address your health on many levels including physically, mentally and energetically.  Classes can be one on one or in a group setting and designed around personal needs and goals of the individual or group. 

Typically, themes are stress relief, increased body awareness, pain reduction, postural instruction, flexibility, improved sleep, meditation, sports specific training and personalized practice tips.

Price is $50.00 for a one on one, hour long session.  Please contact Erin for references and availability. 

Corporate Classes

Bring yoga to your employees and promote health and wellness in your workplace. Classes will be created to meet office-work-specific needs including improved posture, increased energy, heightened clarity and focus, and improved mobility, strength and flexibility. 

Please contact Erin for references, pricing and availability. 

"For every $1 invested in workplace wellness, a company can expect $3 in cost savings or benefits."
- Univ. of Michigan Research Center

Classes in Schools or Community Programs

Yoga, fitness and mindfulness classes tailored to your school or program's vision.  Practice breathing techniques to promote a focused and clear mind.  Practice yoga postures to increase body awareness, strength and balance to empower students to be successful in the classroom and during their daily activities.  

Please contact Erin for references, pricing and availability. 

Resume: Our Sister's School in New Bedford, Massachusetts. Global Learning Charter School in New Bedford, Massachusetts. Kinder Care Education in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Tabor Academy in Marion, Massachusetts.


Sports Specific Yoga

Have a class or series for your sports team or work out group!  Help improve your team’s balance, stability and strength while also building camaraderie. 

Yoga is pre-hab for athletes.  Learn how to care for your body to prevent injury as a group.  This is a great way to promote teamwork and build positive relationships. 

Please contact Erin for references, pricing and availability. 

Resume: East Coast Pitching a softball training program in Wareham, Massachusetts. New Bedford High School Varsity Field Hockey Team, New Bedford, Massachusetts. New Bedford Basketball Camp in New Bedford, Massachusetts.